Clients and Solutions

Distribution Silpro Inc. started business on June 1st 1995.

We are a warehouse distributor store specializing in exhaust systems and complementary product lines.

We are dedicated to customer service. To receive our online catalog, simply make the request by clicking here.

Contact us :
Tel : 418 651-0366
Tel : 1 800 979-0366
Fax : 418 651-3623

Some of our product lines

Muffler for car & truck
Shock absorber
Catalyst and flexible
1st and 2nd quality brake parts
Strap, Gasket, spring bolt
Alternator and starter
1st and 2nd quality steering parts
Light high performance
Universal joint, bearing, seal and flange
Caliper - Water Pump - master cylinder
Candle, sensor and wiring
Clutch, drive shaft, radiator and gas tank
Coil spring

Technical Support

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